Today, the increased sophistication of critical and hyper-critical applications in today's digital world and the enhanced dependence of businesses on Power. A HIPULSE UPS (80-800 KVA) Systems to provide customers with high-availability quality power. Power Solution Services are providing the best performance and reliability of Liebert’s Hipulse series, combined with customer satisfaction and value-added features.



  • On-Line Double Conversion
  • IGBT-based PWM Inverter
  • Wide input voltage tolerance (+15 / -15%)
  • Wide input frequency tolerance (45Hz-65Hz)
  • Capability to handle: - High crest factor loads - 100% non-linear loads - 100% unbalanced loads
  • Built-in maintenance bypass (Single and 1+N Models)
  • Common battery sharing kit (optional) with 1+1 configuration
  • Built-in maintenance bypass (Single and 1+N Models)
  • Modular design of inverter bridge for higher rated UPS modules like 600 & 800 kVA
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