Today’s electric mesh will not provide High Nine power value. Many difficulties like voltage / frequency fluctuations, harmonics, transients, blackouts, brownouts are still present. They may cause your critical and sensitive schemes to fail with contradictory influence on your business. But Power Solution Services provides the 7400M UPS (10/30/40/60 KVA) system With Optimum Load Performance and Battery Management System. The Liebert series 7400 M addresses all the power quality needs of today’s networked economy by providing a perfect sine wave output voltage with stable frequency, over and above offering many other important customer values.


  • On-line double conversion UPS: makes your load independent from both main's voltage and frequency.Ensures Server-grade high quality of power.
  • IGBT technology PWM inverter swithching technology: provides your load with perfect sinewater voltage.
  • High efficiency performances: lower cost of ownership
  • Excellent performances with either 100% unbalanced and 100% non-linear loads with crest factor up tp 3:1 without derating: no need to care about the distribution of your single phase loads between output phase nor oversize the UPS.
  • and multi-processing system.
  • Advance battery managament system with programmable battery testing: constantly monitors the health of the battery pack keeping the battery ready to work for emergency situation.
  • Small footprint and convenient maintenance access: ease of positioning and saving of floor-space
  • Inverter with high over load capability: no need to oversize UPS; reduced Initial Investment
  • Inverter Output protected against short circuit: high protection to the inverter hence more availability of the system, Investment Protection
  • Zero footprint for optional tuned filter for the input: lower cost of ownership because of space saving and reduced electricity bill.
7400M UPS (10/30/40/60 KVA)
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