Need of power in our life is as essential as we breath. Erratic power supply and unprecedented power failure, being faced by Delhi & NCR market, has offered us the opportunity, to come up with an innovative thought of offering the total solution of power supply on lease/ rental basis. As Capital Power Backup, we do provide online UPS on Lease/ Rent it also gives you a user friendly solution, for day to day power problems. Through providing UPS On lease/ rent in Delhi & NCR along with the north Indian region, we want to address your day to day power problem, and in turn "To Improve Your Quality of Life!”

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Capital Power Backup, care services, saves you from power disruption and provide a smooth flow of work with the complete and dedicated range of uninterrupted power supply systems, available in unlimited capacity on lease or rent for any period of time, you do want. Now you can easily avoid the problem like disturbances at work of your organization, total loss of data and much more. Erratic power supply and power failures is phenomenal in Delhi & NCR, and so (smooth & uninterrupted power supply) capitalizing power, for synchronizing life,is our motto of Capital Power Backup. Since 2007, we are serving through our offline Ups to many Government or private Institutions of Delhi & NCR.We have witnessed through our Ups at different occasions and Mega Events like Republic/ Independence Day Parade.(As, anyone can understand the essence of reliability require to serve these events, so we do have). There is a saying “Rome Was not Built in a Day”,so is true for the Credibility. Credibility building is an ongoing process, which we are proving through our product worthiness and reliability of Services at most important event for India. IBM/ HCL/ Aptech/Jet-King are the few Names which we have Served through our UPS and Striving to Add many More Names & Brands for The Testimonial. Driving Force, which propelled us to grab the opportunity to serve during Independence Day and Republic Day Parade, is Clients Serving Attitude and Dedication to serve our Clients. (Consider the Intensity of Chaos, in case of any mismanagement, during these events. Actually Speaking, We have proven record to serve through our product in most critical situation, and we can serve continuously, without any problem). This is the Driving/ Encouraging Factor for us to widen our wings and bring our Services with Confidence at Your Door.

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